Here we are running into the last few days of the 14 day challenge. For anyone who’s not read the beginning or not been following the idea was to spend 14 days trying to include as many of the top 20 known diuretic foods into my diet as possible. Initially it was to see if there was a reduction in water retention but now it’s morphed into including these foods

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into my diet as a matter of course from here on forward in a positive shift towards healthier eating and a healthier lifestyle. The blog was to keep a record and more importantly to keep me accountable and it’s definitely served that purpose. I was talking to friends yesterday about emotional eating and it raised some things I’d like to talk about but I’ll save it for another post. For now though, I think it’s great how when you start thinking about food and health you start to understand or at least look for the reasons you have the problem with food that you do. For a lot of people that reason is there is something missing or something they are trying to patch over in their life. More of that some other time though, on to what I ate on day 10 rather than what I was thinking about.

I’m sorry but again there are no photos for day 10 because I wasn’t at home and I just forgot to snap the pics. Breakfast was nothing different, porridge, flax and an apple with water and ginger tea. I think that’s pretty much going to be my go to brekkie from now on, either porridge or another healthy oaty cereal. I enjoy it and I’ve really slid into a breakfast routine now, something I never used to eat at all in the past.

For lunch as I say I was out and I had a really lovely tuna salad but went light on the dressing and avoided dessert which I was quite proud of.

For dinner I had slow roasted lamb with minted peas and mashed potato. I left half of my portion of potato which was modes by my standards anyway. It was a tough one as I love mashed potato but I’m trying to teach myself that it’s OK to not eat everything on the plate, it’s fine to stop eating when you’re satisfied and that satisfaction can come way before the buttons pop off your jeans.

I had a fruit salad for dessert and felt like I’d done OK with dining out. Although it did impact on my intake of diuretic foods for the day. I realised I’d only had 6 of the 20 foods today and so in the evening I made myself a little bowl of crudites and munched on those while I did some reading for uni. I had some raw asparagus tips (which were quite tasty if a little stringy), some sticks of carrot, celery and cucumber and I drizzled over some apple cider vinegar which had been infused with crushed garlic and parsley and a squeeze of lemon juice. This brought my tally to over 10 and I was happy with that.

Today we’re back to photos of my food because I think it’s important to record what I ate and I’ve been pretty impressed when I look at my blog home page and see the lovely things I’ve created and eaten.

Thanks for dropping in.

A x