Things are smelling very fishy around here just lately. Has anyone noticed the amount of fish I’ve been consuming compared to meat from other animals? It wasn’t something I set

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out to do but I guess I’ve just got this healthy mindset at the moment. I also watched a programme just before I started my new regime and it was all about the importance of having enough Omega 3  in our diet which comes in rich supplies from oily fish such as mackerel, salmon, sardines and tuna so maybe some of that message subliminally influenced what I’ve planned to eat this passed 9 days. Omega 3 is essential for efficient brain function and can reduce stress and anxiety… at least I think that’s right.

I’m going to focus on  brain and mood foods in my third challenge so wait for that and I’ll have the correct facts and some references for you. My next challenge is to investigate the B vitamins and get lots of Vit B rich foods into my diet while still keeping up with the diuretics.

My son has definitely noticed that the house smells fishy, he’s been spraying so much air freshener around and keeping the candles and wax melters on the go for me (saves me a job).

You’ll see when I post what I ate on day 9 that I made a delicious kedgeree for dinner tonight and I really loaded it with smoked haddock it was gorgeous and even though there is enough for another meal left over I’m packing it up in the fridge, resisting the temptation to eat late at night and saving it for lunch tomorrow.

I’ve been using some natural methods to mask the fishy smells. I thought I’d share them in case anyone else’s kids are feeling like their house has been caught up in a storm and dropped in the fish market:

  • After squeezing lemons that I have every day in one thing or another I’ve been throwing the skins and pulp into some boiled water and letting them soak for a couple of minutes before wiping around the inside of the kitchen swing bin lid. Then leaving a couple of halves in a small dish on the work top near the bin and a couple in the top shelf of the fridge so that lovely lemony smell balances out the fishy pong.
  • I’ve also been putting a small plate of bicarbonate of soda (it’s not actually a plate, it’s a lid from a Bisto container) into the middle of the fridge, just sitting carefully somewhere close to the centre back of the shelf. This absorbs bad odours but lets the lemon continue to do it’s thing. Just remember to tell other people if you share your home with anyone that it’s there so it doesn’t accidentally get knocked all over.
  • I’ve been mixing two tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda with a few drops of apple cider vinegar and wiping down the hob. I find this not only cleans it beautifully and effortlessly but it also eats up any cooking odours around there.
  • Even though my oven is self cleaning I’ve been giving it a wipe out each evening if I’ve cooked something fishy that day with the same concoction on a damp cloth. For really smelly ovens with a build up of cooking gunk a really thick paste of bicarbonate of soda and apple cider vinegar pasted on and left over night works wonders to leave the oven as clean as new again when it is wiped off in the morning.
  • My frangranced candles use natural waxes and wicks as well as quality essential oils and so they have been great to dot around the hall and the living room and even bedrooms (don’t leave candles including those in wax melters unsupervised) to fill the house with gorgeous fragrances. They don’t take much of a toll on the environment.
  • Even the bathrooms have not escaped fishy pongs and I’ve found that making a fizz bomb out of bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice and just spritzes of water to bind together then dropping them in the loo, not only cleans the toilet bowl effortlessly but also absorbs odours, and not just those from cooking either. I’m not some domestic goddess who spends her life making toilet fizzers, I make a batch up when I’m making bath bombs and store them to use now and then. Better than flushing tons of toxic chemicals down the drain.

I’m not a massive environmentalist but try to do my bit to stop throwing toxic stuff down the drain and not only that but using what you have lying around saves a ton of  money over the course of a year. With a son wanting to go to medical school, saving money is key for me right now.

Thanks for dropping in as always.

A x