So you want to know how the 14 day diuretic challenge went? Read back over the past couple of weeks and you’ll see what I was doing, why and how.

What you really want to know is what were the results of the challenge in terms of impact on my health and wellbeing? Well here goes and please if you are of a sensitive disposition be careful because I go into detail on what’s coming out of my body in this post:

Mobility – definitely more mobile and more active. I spring about now rather than stomp and just feel like I’ve lost half my body weight (which I haven’t but that’s how it feels).

Sleep – I have slept so well. My routine has improved beyond expectations and it wasn’t something I thought I had a problem with but clearly my body clock was all over the place and it’s been regulated… I think eating regularly has helped.

Digestion – I live with a box of anti acid tablets by my side and have not had to touch one in 14 days, nor have I had any IBS symptoms AT ALL, no cramps no sudden needs to purge, no switches between solid and liquid.. just healthy happy daily emissions.

Liver and gall bladder – I’ve had some issues with gall bladder lately and each time I ate I’d get a twisty gall stone ache as well as some days where I’d had quite colourless solid emissions (which is not a good sign) but as above all is good now and that twisty ache is no more.

Urine – clear as a spring water! Well not quite but I wee for England now and have found a surprising positive. Being of a certain age I was beginning to have a little leak when I coughed or laughed and I’m not sure why it is but that’s stopped. I think it could be because my bladder is totally expelling and I’m going to the loo more often perhaps so I’m not storing anything in the bladder. But whatever, it’s a great positive effect.

Skin, Nails, Hair and Eyes – kind of covering these all in one. Noticed much improved skin tone and dryness has gone without any changes to moisturisation on the outside – clearly needed hydration on the inside. Nails are shiny and stronger, no eye dryness and my hair is less frizzy and dry. Water is the key to all of this I think.

Water retention – I can’t express how I feel. So less bloated, my joints feel freer and more mobile my hands are half the size they were, my legs are deflated and I’m just feeling like I got let out of some bubble suit. No pins and needles in my arms any more, increased mobility in all of my joints. Just an amazing difference.

Mood/Mental Health – happier, more confident, more creative, more organised, increased will to do things, planning more into the future, less anxious, much calmer, worry less and way more attentive.

Lifestyle– watch less TV, spend less time on the computer (non work related), more time working and being active. Cook more, no takeaways, saved money, talk to kids more, more time for friends.

Weight – I lost 9.5 pounds!

Inches – I lost 4 inches from my waist, 2 inches from each thigh, 1 inch from my upper arms and 2 inches from around my neck and 5 inches from around my chest/upperback (where I store a lot of fat and water).

Next challenge starts tomorrow!

Thanks for dropping in as always.

A x