There are a good few of these around at the moment which I’m sure you’ve seen adverts for or know friends who use or have seen people on You Tube reviewing or maybe you use them yourself.

I personally don’t get it but then I thought for me they just seem ridiculous because

  1. I can cook
  2. I already know what’s healthy and what isn’t (many fat people are experts in nutrition contrary to popular belief, especially those who have spent a life time on diets)
  3. I can put healthy ingredients together to make something edible and nutritious
  4. I can shop and can get most healthy foods and ingredients locally
  5. The cost is madness
  6. Claims of being ‘fresh’ are ludicrous, fresh is not held in a warehouse and then sent off in the post for two days
  7. I have time to put my food together – it really doesn’t take much longer than choosing from a menu and placing an online order and waiting for it to come and plating it up
  8. I have time to shop, especially now I can do a home delivery and even schedule repeats
  9. I really, really enjoy cooking and concocting fab meals

BUT, I do get how they can be a real God send for those to whom some or all of the above apply. The one plus that I can see of them which might apply to me is that they really help with portion control which is one of my big issues and why my meals tend to be veg heavy so that I can have lots of food. If you notice I skimp on the calorie laden foods in my meals and excess in the low calorie choices. This satisfies my life long engrained need for a heap of food on my plate… although I am getting better at moderating that.

Image credit who have great advice about choosing a subscription box so pop over and have a read if you’re thinking that this could be for you

For me though to cut drastically from what I was previously used to, to one of these delivery box meals would be soul destroying. I’d look at it in the middle of my plate and just cry. I’d feel deprived. Mentally it would deplete me of the will to go on and so for that reason and all of the others they are just not for me. For me changing from a life style of excess to one of lean has to be a gradual process, replacing a bad quantity with a good quantity before trying to limit consumption. So this drasticness would back fire on me.

I also think they are a good idea for people who just can’t put meals together and let’s face it younger people now are not (in general) taught as much about cooking and meal prep as we were back in the day and so I get how these things have become part of the young executive lifestyle. In the sense that they introduce new ingredients and teach people how to cook or to put a meal together they are really great. I imagine after a few months of subscription the joy of going out to shop for these wonderful ingredients and making the same meal for a couple of people or for a dinner party and feeling like an accomplished host will have been worth what it cost to have that box of preserved freshness delivered to the door. I also get that the vegan boxes are great for people who can’t find vegan alternatives locally and who need a bit of help with making sure all of their food is vegan and being sure to nourish themselves well with that lifestyle choice.

I do really enjoy cooking when I’m on a healthy eating trip. It’s all part of the process for me, it’s about me rebuilding my relationship with food, particularly healthy food and home cooked healthy food. It’s about experimenting and creating lovely things for myself, so food becomes something positive and enjoyable in my life instead of feeling like a necessary intake of whatever I can shovel down my throat to kill hunger pangs and cravings.

When I’m chopping up some garlic I think about he positive nutritional content of those little pieces of food when I’m slicing tomatoes I think about how they are going to nourish my body and sprinkling on seeds to my cereal makes me feel better about myself before I even put them in my mouth. Some people don’t need a relationship with their food, but I do. I have to have that connection with it to feel that I’m doing something good, something worthwhile and that I’m heading in the right direction. In time that need will subside but for now it’s there and it’s all very positive and the boxed alternative just doesn’t cut it with me, I love selecting choosing planning preparing and executing more than I do actually eating and that shift of focus for me is so important in making or breaking a healthy eating regime.

Thanks as ever for dropping by to read my ramblings

A x