I was really lazy on day 9, although I was up working until 3am so I really should take that back because I wasn’t lazy at all, I was tired. Anyway whatever I was I stayed in bed till past 11am only woken by the postman, so I skipped breakfast, unless you count a cup of green tea with lime and ginger (plus half a freshly squeezed lemon) and a pint of water. I also forgot to get photos all day ūüė¶ I know I was totally letting the side down. So to make up for that I’ve used a photo from the BBC Good Food site and included a fab recipe which you can follow or adapt to a version of what I had for dinner. How kind am I? I know it’s not such a big deal about the photos but I do like to include my own even if sometimes the quality isn’t that good, just so you know I’m really doing this and that it works and I’m not just trying to build a blog which I can swamp with ads and make money from. That’s not what this is about for me at all.

For lunch I had a lovely veggie hot pocket. I took a load of grated beetroot, onion, carrot, shredded cabbage and gave it a quick dry fry in a wok with a squirt of lemon juice some crushed ginger and garlic and a handful of chopped parsely and coriander. I added a little bit of pepper and turmeric. Then I cut a wholemeal pitta in half and toasted it and when it was nice and warm and crispy I crammed it full with veggies. I served it with a cold sliced tomato and a chunk of sliced cucumber and a stick of celery with a few baby spinach leaves and a chopped hard boiled egg.

Image from BBC Good Food website

For dinner I chopped up an onion, three cloves of garlic and a birds eye chilli and fried in a little olive oil. ¬†Then I took a couple of teaspoons of tomato puree and to it added a pinch of salt, a quarter teaspoon ground black pepper, a half teaspoon paprika, quarter teaspoon chilli powder, turmeric and a full teaspoon of ground coriander and of medium curry powder. ¬†I threw in some chopped fresh coriander and fresh chopped parsley and mixed it all together then added it to the fried onion mixture in the pan and let it all blend together. I then took some rice with mixed vegetables that I’d cooked a couple of weeks ago and left stashed in the freezer and had let thaw out naturally during the day and some frozen cauliflower florets that I’d blanched and frozen previously (a great way to save ¬†veggies that are going to go out of date before they do) and threw all of that into the pan with a quarter of a large tin of chopped tomatoes. I then cut up 2 smoked haddock fillets and threw that in. Mixed it all together turned down the heat, stuck a lid on and left it for five minutes.

I would normally ¬†have thrown in a coupe of sliced hard boiled eggs when it was all done but I didn’t as I’d already had a boiled egg earlier in the day and also the official recipe doesn’t use tomatoes and can include juicy sultanas. I’ve included a link here¬†and below the image from BBC Good Food to take you to that recipe.

I ate it garnished with a handful of fresh chopped parsley with some seared asparagus tips, washed down with water and followed up with a nice cup of tea.

I didn’t use wholegrain rice, if I was cooking the rice today I would have done but I was using up stuff from the freezer and the rice was white basmati. To be honest I’m not keen on brown rice so I was glad to skip it and use that as an excuse not going to lie.

So on day 9 even though I missed a meal I managed to fit in 16 of the 20 diuretic foods. My highest tally to date I think.

Post Edit: A friend popped over in the evening after dinner and brought me a chocolate marshmallow so I scoffed that with one of those instant packet frothy coffees  and ended the day as usual with a pint of water.