Sometimes we just get a bad day. No reason, no rhyme to it, they just happen. We have a bit of a mood slump, maybe we’re tired, maybe we’re stressing about something either consciously or usually subconsciously, maybe we’re feeling in a rut with our job or our life in general, maybe we’re not well or can’t get to the gym or don’t have money to go out with friends or we’ve had a row with a partner or friend or maybe the weather’s just crap and we can’t get out and do what we planned to do… just pressures of life. The best diet in the world is not going to prevent bad days from coming. It’s human nature for us to sometimes be floored by something, usually I find for me it’s when my body (including my brain) is trying to tell me that I need to just chill out, that it wants me to just stay still, keep warm and empty my mind.

a-little-of-what-you-fancy-does-you-goodor-so-L-pBDkKWTrouble is for me, that whole chill out vibe usually has to be accompanied by some sweet tasting deliciousness usually in chocolate form or at least biscuit form or even both… chocolate biscuit form with a mug of hot Yorkshire tea.  What better to soothe the soul and calm the spirit?

My advice is if you have one of these days while you’re trying to stick to a healthier you plan is to just adapt it, adapt the craving into something not as bad as it would normally be. So have ONE biscuit and a cup of tea or two even, just not a whole packet. Or have a small chocolate bar or piece of chocolate rather than 2 Aero easter eggs. Following a realy strict healthy eating plan without falling off the wagon for a week or more in my mind kind of negates any ill effects of a bit of choc and a cup of tea, besides health is about sanity as well as physical health and if it’s going to help you relax and give your mind and body chance to overcome whatever it’s having trouble coping with right now, give it what it needs. In the long run it’s far better to work it out with a 2 finger kit kat and cuppa than to drag stress on and make it a battle of will to fight your need for some comfort food for a fortnight. What happens to me when I’ve tried to do that in the past is I inevitably fall right off the wagon and stuff my face with every bad thing I can find.

A little of what you fancy does you good and all that. Just make sure it is a little and make sure the one indulgence deals with the problem… I do find that after a long time of having nothing naughty that a little tastes so freakin’ amazing that it does the work of a whole tin of Celebrations anyway.

Thanks for dropping by.

A x