I’m sure by now we’ve all seen the latest thing to do with our veggies to make them fit to take the place of carb laden spaghetti or pasta in our diet or to just make them a bit more funky and fun and present them in a different way. You got it I’m talking spiralising! Spinning those courgettes and carrots, cucumbers and whatever else you can fit into a spiraliser (that’s the machine that transforms veggies) into strips of spaghetti like loveliness.

Your average worktop spiraliser can vary in price from around £20 spiraling upwards [GROAN]. They also take up a lot of space and if you’re like me and have a juicer, a blender, a bullet, a food processor, a smoothie maker, a coffee maker, a microwave, a kettle, a toaster, a grilling machine, a steamer, a slow cooker and who knows what other gadgetry on your kitchen worktops or bursting out of valuable cupboard space then the last thing you want fastened onto your counter next to your pasta roller is another gadget which will spiral your kitchen clutter out of control! [GROAN AGAIN WHY DON’T YOU?]

17193756_10155214407073447_1494383564_oTo beat the dual demons of space and money there is this little dude on the market. A hand held spiraliser which I picked up in The Works for just THREE POUNDS! 

It’s a sturdy little piece of kit that slips into a drawer (be careful if you have little or clumsy hands around as the blades are sharp. You just stick your veg in one end, grab the two silver sides and turn, using either the thick or thin spirals end of the gadget. Once the veggie of choice is depleted you can use the end piece to push it down so that you don’t get spiralised finger skin in with your dinner.

It washes easy, just a swish if you hand wash and dishwasher friendly if you don’t. You may want to dry the blades with a bit of kitchen towel just in case there is a likelihood of rusting which there shouldn’t be.

I tacked a cucumber with it and it was a VERY juicy organic cucumber so it was soft and squidgy and it did a great job of the pulp and skin. I also did a carrot and a courgette and everything came out just fab. Try one! If nothing else it will save you the cost of buying pre-spiralised foods in the supermarket and will give you an indication of whether you are in the market for a more industrial sized gadget or not.17200142_10155214406728447_24035865_o

Remember that two of our top 20 diuretic foods are cucumber and carrots so this is great for adding more of both of those into your diet in a different way to keep things interesting.

As usual this post is definitely not sponsored by anyone, I bought the little thing myself and what I have to say about it is based on my honest opinion having used it a few times.

Enjoy those spiralised foods, they really do change up the salad game. Thanks for dropping in as always.

A x