Here we are nearly a week in and going strong… well maybe not as strong as I thought I was yesterday. I’m going to do an end of week one update tomorrow (which is the best time as it’s the end of week one) and that will go into how I’m doing and feeling and where I’m at physically and mentally.

Today I had a bit of a carby day and unfortunately the fab app that I found turned out not to be so fab as it stopped working and lost all of my data. So there are no calorie counts today but that service will resume tomorrow. I started off with something different, I needed to use up smoked salmon before it went out of date and we had bagels coming out of our ears so I had a delicious smoked salmon bagel with no spread. I also had a banana and some water melon chunks and my usual green tea with lime and ginger and big glass of water which I squirted half a lemon juice into.

Lunch was quick and simple, I mixed a half tin of tuna with celery, red pepper, cucumber, tomato, squirted on some lemon juice and threw in some chopped parsley and packed it into two halves of a toasted pitta bread. I followed that with an apple and more water.

17199955_10155211226193447_2090802448_oFor dinner I made a curry, chunks of chicken fried in a little olive oil with garlic, peppers, onions and mix of spices and herbs including coriander, turmeric, paprika, chilli, cumin, cardamon, tomatoes and tons of fresh coriander and parsley thrown in at the end. I served it with basmati rice which I added some frozen mixed vegetables to (peas and diced carrots) and some spiralised cucumber. Watch out for my review of a fab little spiraliser that is only £3!

As a treat I had a little ice lolly, just one of those mini iced fruit juice things, nothing elaborate but it was nice to have something that felt like it wasn’t supposed to be on my menu.

So on day 6 I managed to include 13 of the 20 top diuretic foods into my diet. Which was pretty good going considering it felt a little bit like a cheat/treat day.

Thanks for popping in as always, let’s see what I concoct for my midway meals tomorrow.

A x