I can’t believe it’s day 7 already! I feel quite accomplished. You have no idea how massive the changes to my diet have been this week but trust me they really have been major. At this midway point I thought I’d share some quick bullet point observations on how things are going. I’m not going to share measurements or weight loss or anything at this point but will on day 14 at the end. I’m not going to be measuring or weighing myself until then so it will be news to me too!

downloadSo some off the cuff thoughts and observations on week one:

  • day four was hard, craved sweets BAD
  • day six was lowest mood, needed a carb injection had no energy
  • sleeping better
  • skin is improving rapidly, dry scaly skin is vanishing and being replaced with plump moist skin
  • no indigestion, IBS, heart burn whatsoever and regular solid emissions
  • fresh breath in the morning (no idea why)
  • feel alert and lively first thing in the morning rather than taking hours to get moving
  • feel less bloated
  • definitely not retaining as much water in the hands, visible difference
  • happier, more optimistic been planning future events and having more creative work time
  • no hungry times
  • sticking to three meals a day and not snacking
  • eating last meal of the day 2 hours earlier than usual
  • weeing more and urine is clearer and not as strong smelling
  • dry eyes had been a problem but not any more!
  • nails are stronger
  • feel more mobile
  • enjoying meal prep, cooking and eating delicious food

I think that’s pretty much a good list after just 7 days. Most of these could have gone on the list after 3-5 days. It’s amazing how fast our bodies repair and renew and amazing how forgiving they are. Years of abuse can be righted with just days of good care.

So even if you’re following this and thinking 14 days is too long, give 7 days a go and see how you feel after that. I’m really fired up for next week now and know that some of the changes I’ve made this week are going to carry on for life. It’s been so easy to add these foods into my diet however I’ve not managed all 20 yet, so on to next week.

Thanks for sticking with me or joining me, it really inspires me to keep going knowing that people are following.

A x