I’ve found that in my first five days of my new healthy eating plan that I’ve repeated a meal idea once or twice and initially I was a bit disappointed with myself because I wanted to really work on variety. The reason was so that I kept things interesting and I thought that by doing that I’d be more likely to carry on for longer and eventually make this a habit for life. However now I’m rethinking that…

… what if repetition isn’t so bad after all?

Sometimes it’s OK to take time to make something delicious and healthy and let it last you two meals or two days, that’s fine, it saves time and time is one of the main things lots of people blame for their unhealthy food choices. Anything which saves time is good then. Also if you enjoy something why not repeat it? You will soon feel it once it becomes way too repetitive.


I thought about it and rationalised things and part of that rationalisation was to realise that we don’t beat ourselves up when we’re repeat eating unhealthy meals or when we repeatedly order the same take out in spite of the massive menu of options. Also there are people out there who only know how to cook a couple of dishes and they live normal lives with repetition without wanting to break down and cry over it like they’re some kind of food failure.

This all led me to thinking that when we try to change our lifestyle sometimes we get way too prissy and overly hard on ourselves about things which don’t really matter and those things make us lose sight of the goals we had at the start and the success we are having. Being too bothered about not having a completely different meal each and every time I sit down at the table might make me feel like a failure and stop me from seeing that I’ve lost weight, I have more energy, I look better, I’m sleeping better, my bodily functions are more efficient and I’m managing to eat really really healthy food which is nourishing and repairing my body. I might feel like I’m failing with my healthy eating and not just failing at putting something different on the table for every meal. What does it matter if I have a tuna salad for lunch every day for the rest of my life anyway? I love tuna salad, always have and it’s good for me and it’s way better than a bacon sandwich and a cream cake.

So I won’t beat myself up about repetition anymore. I’m a good cook, I love experimenting and over time I will have so many recipes in my healthy eating repertoire to draw on and some of those might become my go tos for what ever reason… time, convenience, cost, availability of ingredients, sheer obsession, who cares? As long as I’m eating healthily and getting a good range of different foods in during a week that’s all that matters.

Thanks for dropping in and supporting my journey.

A x