I was so busy on day four with housework and work work and visitors and doggie duties and motherhood duties that I didn’t really get much time to think about my meals and so they were almost a repetition of yesterdays. Not quite but almost.

Breakfast was an absolute copy cat, organic porridge oats and flax seeds with an apple, water and green tea with ginger and lime. If you want to check out the calorific and fat contents of that go look at the post for what I ate on day three.

17122086_10155204983628447_960467738_oLunch was where it changed up a bit. My son had just arisen for breakfast, he’d been partying the night before and he wanted a couple of bacon, egg and cheese bagels. I decided I might join him in something a bit similar but more healthy. So I opted for a slice of grilled bacon, two eggs microwave scrambled and a toasted bagel with a really super thin smear of cream cheese instead of butter or spread. I hate a banana after this and washed it all down with a jug of water.

Total      402 Kcal  (Mostly from the bagel)    13.7 gms Fat (mostly from the egg)

For Dinner I used up the remainder of the cous cous from day 3, I made a salad using the same ingredients I used in day 3’s salad and I seared a salmon steak with a teaspoon of olive oil, a chopped red pepper, a chopped tomato, a stick of chopped celery and three cloves of garlic. When it was almost cooked I added the remaining chick peas from yesterday, a good helping of fresh chopped parsley and the juice of half a lemon. The other half had been added to some apple cider vinegar and used to dress the salad.

To serve I just laid the salad out on the plate and then set the cous cous on top and the salmon beside it with the warm salad of vegetables I’d cooked with it alongside it.  It was delicious.

I finished it off with a big glass of cold water and then a nice cup of green tea with lime and ginger.

Total   456 KCal   21.3 gms Fat most of the calories and fat came from the salmon (214 Kcal and 15.2 gms fat)

I had no treats on day 4 at all. I didn’t want any, my meals had done the trick and kept me nicely nourished all day long.

I included 14 of the 20 diuretic foods today!

Thanks for dropping in.

A x