I know that snacking for many of us is something we find hard to combat when we embark on a health eating campaign. For me snacking is harder to combat in the winter than the summer as I just love the comfort of a nice biscuit or cake or chocolate bar and as an emotional eater and someone who suffers with the winter blues I often need the comfort of food more in the dark, cold months.

When I started planning this 14 day diuretic food challenge I thought about snacks, I thought about snacks a lot. I work from home mostly and so I do get to snack quiet a bit more than if I was out in the world and so I figured it would be a problem area. I thought about healthy snacks I could have lying around to go to instead of the usual sugar laden, calorie rich bars and bites and planned some elaborate alternatives. Then I got to thinking… why am I getting so wound up about food which is actually unnecessary? Wouldn’t it be better of me to change my glutton mindset, the one which has brought me to the size I am? Why not just stop snacking altogether and focus on three good healthy meals each day, incorporating the diuretic foods and knock snacking on the head. Instead of snacking why not see what calories I have not used from my daily allowance once each days meals are planned or cooked or eaten and have an evening treat if I fancy it.

17101436_10155203933888447_199170243_oSo that is what I’ve done. Day two I didn’t snack or have a treat, day two I had a little chocolate bunny in the evening and day three which for me is always the hardest day of a new eating plan, I had a hot chocolate and still remained under my daily allowance.

However, snacking doesn’t need to go altogether and it doesn’t have to involve you learning how to bake terrific low fat, low sugar, low carb, gluten free muffins, it can be kept really simple. A glass of water and an apple. How about that? It’s a snack, it’s healthy. A banana and a cup of milk… healthy, quick and easy. A few grapes and a glass of fruit juice if that takes your fancy… all healthy and quick to grab and eat. Some low fat, low sugar yoghurt with a few berries dropped in. A quarter pitta pocket stuffed with tuna fish. A plate of carrot, cucumber and celery sticks. Just keep snacking simple if you have to do it and it makes life easier and sticking to your healthy eating plan easier.

My biggest tip for snacking is avoid manufactured stuff like these low calorie biscuits and bars, you usually have to buy a packet of them and if you’re like me and have no cut off you will just eat the lot and not stick to just one and the whole point of them will be lost.

Thanks for dropping in as always.

A x