I really enjoyed day three even though there were a couple of temptations which I’m glad I resisted because it allowed me to have a nice treat at the end of the day …

… it started with my son wanting bacon, egg and cheese bagels for breakfast. I managed to refrain and also rather proudly managed to refrain when a friend dropped in around lunch time with a burger and fries for me. Such bad friends and family! Train your friends and family well if you want to succeed.


17121566_10155203933728447_972371887_oSo breakfast today was very simple, a bowl of porridge and an apple, washed down with two glasses of water and a cup of Green tea with lime and ginger. I popped a teaspoon of flax seeds onto the porridge to add something extra. I had Organic porridge oats (50gms)  from Tesco and if you’re not tried organic oats and believe there’s no difference, try some. They are a little more expensive but the flakes were much larger and far more tasty which is important to me given that I’m not adding sugar to my porridge these days.

Total: 324 Kcal  6.4 gms fat


For lunch I knocked up a salad dressing which consisted of apple cider vinegar, a chopped fresh clove of garlic, the juice of half a lemon and some copped parsley (zero calories!!). I left this to infuse and then got on with making the salad.

I took some mixed green leaves  (50gms), a chopped stick of celery (9gms), a chunk of cucumber chopped (80gms), a chopped tomato (80gms), a chunk  of shredded red cabbage  (90gms), a chopped up whole boiled beetroot (88gms), two small grated carrots (148gms) and a chopped green pepper (20gms) and threw it all into a bowl, mixed it up and poured on the dressing and gave it a good old toss.

With this I had a bagel (85gms) cut in half with cream cheese (25gms) and on one side I had 25gms of delicious smoked salmon.

I washed this down with a pint of water and followed it up with a cup of green tea with lime and ginger.

It was absolutely delicious and I was surprised that I was able to use so much cream cheese in my meal as I do love it (thanks to that app again). I didn’t even go with a low fat version, I was happy to include a little of something I really love after all that’s what normal people do and I want to eat like a normal person.

Salad – 105 Kcal divided by 2 = 53 calories

Bagel – 223    Cheese – 80   Smoked Salmon  – 65 = 368  NOTE: no butter or spread on the bagel

Total  421 Kcal  11.7 gms fat


I didn’t eat all of the salad, there was tons of it and with all of that raw cabbage it makes for slow progress when chomping through it. So I had the left overs for dinner. I had the salad as an accompaniment to a salmon and cous cous dish that I concocted.

I chopped a small onion (60g), crushed and chopped 2 cloves of garlic, sliced a birds eye pepper, chopped up half a red pepper (80gms)  and fried in a teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil , once softened I added a pinch of salt, quarter of a teaspoon of black pepper, half a teaspoon each of paprika, turmeric, chilli powder and ground coriander then I added half of a small tin of chick peas (35gms). I let it cook off for a couple of minutes then squeezed in a little lemon juice and threw in a handful of chopped parsley. I took my salmon steak (73gms) and laid it in the pan, reduced the heat and covered the pan allowing the sauce and steam to cook the salmon.


While that was going down I added boiled water to 70gms of cous cous and stirred in the remaining lemon juice and some more chopped parsley.

When everything was cooked I took the salmon out and laid it on the plated salad and then drained the oil from the sauce and stirred what was left into the cous cous and dumped that on the plate too.

Washed down with a pint of water it was delicious.

Total 440 Kcal and 12.2 gms fat

This incorporated many of the diuretic foods again and of course the calories from the salad had already been counted at lunch so they were not counted again (the joys of left overs). So I just tallied up the Kcals in the fish, sauce and cous cous. I only served half of the cous cous and saved the rest for lunch tomorrow so have divided the calories for that by 2 to account for that.

So on day three I managed to incorporate these 14 diuretic foods into my diet

water   caffeinated drinks  garlic   carrot   celery   garlic   oats   cucumber    cabbage   tomatoes   lemon juice   parsley   beetroot   ginger

I also had calories left to have a hot chocolate treat before bed.