On day 2 I more or less had the same breakfast as day one. A nice bowl (40gms) of Cheerio Oaty Crunch by Nestle with a teaspoon of flax seeds and a cup (125 ml) of semi skimmed milk. I had a big glass of water before and afterwards and in the second one I squeezed some lemon juice to get another of those diuretic heroes in.

17106143_10155197796098447_1519702815_oI also squeezed a bit of lemon into my Clipper Organic Fairtrade green tea with lime and ginger. Didn’t think it would hurt.

I’ve been using an app (I’ll blog about it because I love it) and it reckoned this breakfast to have consisted of :

240 Kcal and 6.3 gms of fat. The fat was equally split 2.1 gms each between the milk, the flax and the cereal… who would have thought it? Not me.

For lunch I took a tin of Princes drained tuna steak in a little bit of brine and threw it in with a thinly sliced stick of organic celery and some fresh chopped parsley, a teaspoon of Tesco low fat mayo and a squirt of lemon juice. I mixed it all together and splodged it onto a plate.

I then sliced up a nice  vine tomato (75gms), a whole organic beetroot (88gms) and a chunk of organic cucumber (90gms) and laid those on the plate. I ate it all with three Ryvitas, I went for the Deli Multi Grain Crispbreads (30gms).

I heaped the tuna on and topped off with the sliced goodies and scoffed the lot.

My little app buddy told me that my lunch consisted of:

269 Kcal  and 7.8 gms of fat with the majority of the fat coming from the mayonnaise 3.9 gms

So far so good. On to dinner.

I decided to go full veggie for dinner and just boiled together a heap of vegetables and used up a few calories to invest in some dairy and grated a little bit of cheese on top before finishing them off in the oven in a shallow dish in a nod to being au gratin.

So to a pan of boiling water I just added a couple of small chopped onions (80gms), a couple of carrots (148gms), some chunks of white cabbage (319 gms), five asparagus spears (45gms), a half head of a small cauliflower 120gms), the left over aubergine from the day before (65gms), a bit of salt and a good dash of ground black pepper.

17092923_10155198768428447_409943652_oI boiled it all until tender and then drained it, plopped into a shallow roasting/gratin dish and sprinkled on 40gms of grated mature cheddar cheese and popped in the hot oven for ten mins. I served it sprinkled with chopped fresh parsley and drank a pint of water with it.

My  app said that the whole meal consisted of:

365 Kcal and 16 gms fat. Of course the lion’s share of fat and calories came from the cheese (166 Kcal and 14.0 gms of fat) but it was worth it!

I also had a little choccie treat that someone brought me without realising I was on a healthy eating plan BUT I ate it as I had left over calories according to my app (tons of them) and because I want to eat like a normal person and normal people have treats. So my little Malteaser Choc Bunnie cost me  78 Kkcal and 4,5 gms fat.

So on day two I not only fitted in 1.5 litres of water and 2 big mugs of tea I also ate 9 helpings of fruit or vegetables and managed to incorporate the following 14 of the 20 diuretic foods into my diet even if a couple were just traces.. they were there!

Oats    Lemon    Ginger   Water  Caffeinated Drinks  Cucumber   Celery   Parsley   Tomato   Beetroot   Cabbage     Asparagus   Aubergine   Carrot