Sometimes we just need to think a little bit more broadly when finding ways to fit the  20 top diuretic foods into our diet.

17101524_10155197446798447_1355333558_oWe might now like eating raw lemons but there are ways of getting fresh lemon into our bodies… squeeze half a lemon into a cup of tea or into a glass of water, use lemon juice in a salad dressing or marinade, squeeze onto a nice piece of cooked fish… the list goes on. Buxton water is available now at Tesco for just £2.50 for 6 1.5 ltr bottles.

Ginger can be quite an acquired taste in its raw form but use it in a green smoothie with some celery, cucumber, spinach and apple to mask the strong taste, crush and add to stir fries or to use in marinades or salad dressings, infuse some in a nice cup of green tea, add raw stem ginger to a curry. Even the pre-infused teas like this one from Clipper at least give a nod to having some of that good stuff inside us. (This tea is just £1 now at Waitrose and is not only organic but also Fairtrade)17122177_10155197446243447_671453765_o

It’s so simple to incorporate these healthy ingredients and yet we just carry on with our unhealthy lifestyles and choose not to take an easy step to at least try to improve what we are consuming. Little steps make a difference and the best, most effective and long lasting change happens when it’s done in little steps.

Thanks for dropping in. Happy squeezing and infusing!

A x