shopping-list-14331279When I wanted to do some research into foods which are natural diuretics where better to head than to Google? I typed in “diuretic food” and lots of sites came up. Got to love Google.

I had a good old read and found that most of the sites recommended the same foods and so I took that to mean that maybe there was truth in the pages of the internet and I could pretty much choose one of the many options to go with as a safe starting point.

So I went with this one from My Health Tips  For starters it offered 20 rather than the 10 foods most others were offering and I want to have variety in my diet so the more the better and secondly there was a good amount of info about each food without it being too much or too technical or an information overload.

So once I had reviewed the list I set about making a shopping list and that is how it all began. I’m going to haul my first shopping list so you’ll get to dig through with me and see what i bought using a supermarket only and no specialist outlets at this stage. I can also give an idea of the cost of adding these things into your diet.

The 20 foods on the list by the way are…

Lemon                          Beetroot                         Apple Cider Vinegar                 Cabbage

Oats                               Cranberry Juice             Aubergine                                   Parsley

Celery                            Caffeinated Drinks      Water                                           Tomatoes

Brussels Sprouts        Cucumber                       Watermelon                               Carrots

Ginger                            Garlic                               Artichokes                                  Asparagus

…so there is lots to go at to include in a weekly or even daily diet. Let’s see how many different ways I can incorporate them into what I consume over the next fortnight.

Thanks for popping in

A x