So once I’d established the identity of the 20 most naturally diuretic foods (see last post) I had to do a bit of planning. Which would I have to rule out immediately either due to the fact that I just don’t like them or to the fact that they are not seasonally available? If I couldn’t get most of the items then I’d have to come up with a new plan.

Let’s look again at what there was to work with identified in the last post and I imagine that for most people who might be reading this a good number of these foods are easily available. This was a win for me, there’s nothing worse than the foods you need being so obscure it just rules out a dietary change.

Lemon                          Beetroot                         Apple Cider Vinegar                 Cabbage

Oats                               Cranberry Juice             Aubergine                                   Parsley

Celery                            Caffeinated Drinks      Water                                           Tomatoes

Brussels Sprouts        Cucumber                       Watermelon                               Carrots

Ginger                            Garlic                               Artichokes                                  Asparagus

downloadThe link that I shared in the last post said that Cranberries should be fresh and the juice prepared by the consumer rather than processed juice. This is pretty tough as I don’t grow cranberries in the garden (shocker) and even though I searched for somewhere to buy them from fresh, locally or online there just wasn’t anywhere in the UK that I could find. If you know better PLEASE let me know. So… what to do about Cranberries? I could just go with a high quality juice perhaps or maybe add a few dried cranberries into the mix? Actually I do love to chew on dried cranberries so that might be a nod to having fresh juice in my diet. It’s just what I’m going to have to go with for now.

Caffeinated drinks posed another problem as I don’t have much caffeine in my diet and I don’t really want to start adding it now. Then I thought about having green teas which have tons of other health benefits and would fit into the caffeinated drinks pigeon hole but I could also infuse some of the other essentials into the tea, such as ginger and lemon.  So that’s definitely going to be happening.

The only other one I had problems with was Artichoke. Simply because my supermarket didn’t have any and I’m hoping that this won’t always be the case. If I do have to go to a different store or market to pick some up then I will but for my first shopping list it had to be missed off. I’m hoping it may be a seasonal thing perhaps and the same with sprouts, they were not available from my supermarket. Never mind though, when I do track them down they’ll add something new to week 2 maybe.

I wanted to go organic as much as possible and see how much of a dent it makes on my pocket so that was something I gave some thought to. I figured I may as well try to do the best job I can.

Things like the Apple Cider Vinegar I figured I can use as a dressing or even in a marinade or just throw some into a smoothie maybe and the same with some fresh root ginger. Parsley can become my go to herb for dressings, marinades and garnishes so that it makes it easy to incorporate on a daily basis.

The article recommended fresh raw beetroot which is then boiled at home but to be honest I’m not sure how much of a faff this would be BUT I will give this a shot at some point over the next 14 days, for now though I went with the boiled variety from the supermarket.

I figured that by looking at the list there is going to be plenty of vegetable roasting going on and beds of veggies with fish or meat on top, nice mixed salads incorporating raw cabbage and carrot with nice garlicy vinegary dressings.

These 20 foods are not ALL I can eat by the way, I will be adding in other healthy foods such as oily fish. I’m going to mostly give meat a miss for the duration of the challenge. I might have the odd egg and I can see myself doing a lean bacon and sprout dish at some point but meat will not be the focus of my meals.

When I have a sweetness craving I might throw in a low calorie hot chocolate drink or make myself a strawberry and mango smoothie.

Carbs are going to be pretty low on my list of priorities but I might add the odd handful of rice or cous cous to a dish now and then and of course a nice oaty breakfast is going to feature and will involve some milk going into the mix too.

Spices and herbs will be going in too, I will be keeping salt to a minimum but will include some.

I was pleased that most of what I wanted was available at a reasonable price in my local supermarket, I’ve followed plans before where I had to travel to the four corners of the Earth for my ingredients so this was a pleasant surprise.

We’ll see how it goes anyway. Stick with it to see what I come up with.

Thanks for dropping in.

A x