I’m starting this blog as a place to capture and record a 14 day diuretic diet challenge that I’ve put myself on. I’ve noticed that besides being overweight and in need of shedding a lot of weight I’ve also been suffering from water retention more than usual. I decided that rather than use drugs to address the issue I’d give my diet a total overhaul and see if I can reduce the water retention and start to shift some flab by making massive changes to my diet and introducing tons of foods which are alleged to have diuretic properties.

I’ll talk about my research and the foods and where I’ve got my info from as time goes on but what I also discovered is that these foods also have other positive effects on the body and health and so there is going to be no harm done all round if I follow my little self devised plan.

So for 14 days starting today as day one I’m going to take pictures of my meals, share recipes and focus on at least one of the ingredients and its diuretic and other health benefits.

At the end of the 14 days I will reveal any inch loss or weight loss and come up with a plan or challenge for the next 14 days.  I’m going to take photos of myself for progress purposes but won’t be inflicting those on the public for a while yet. I’m also going to do some video hauls of my shopping and I’ll find somewhere to upload those to so I can share.

I’m going to try out a few fitness and weight loss apps along the way too and will share what I think of those.

So join me for this first 14 days, offer your support and advice, just watch or join in if you like and see how it goes.

Thanks for popping in!

A x