Dietary Challenge

Using Food To Combat Illness & Promote Health

20 Diuretic Foods

These foods claim to help reduce blood pressure and aid weight loss due to their natural diuretic properties. This means they help the body to eliminate unnecessary fluid from the body, reducing puffiness, swelling and bloating. This can be uncomfortable for some people and can make exercise and regular movement painful besides being dangerous to health as it may impede normal function of the body’s vital organs.

Some of us suffer water retention all of the time, other find it a problem when they are pre-menstrual and some during hot weather or during periods of inactivity, when travelling for instance. Incorporating some of these foods into your diet may help to reduce water retention naturally but as with anything should be considered alongside regular activity and as part of a healthy diet.

These are the foods being incorporated into the challenge.

Lemon                          Beetroot                         Apple Cider Vinegar                 Cabbage

Oats                               Cranberry Juice             Aubergine                                   Parsley

Celery                            Caffeinated Drinks      Water                                           Tomatoes

Brussels Sprouts        Cucumber                       Watermelon                               Carrots

Ginger                            Garlic                               Artichokes                                  Asparagus

The list was consistent with lots of advice available on the internet and was taken from My Health Tips.


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